When Looking Back Hurts

Christmas decorations are appearing everywhere, and the TV is full of Christmas shopping adverts, I guess we must be heading to the festive season.

Like many others this time of year makes me panic, not because of shopping lists, but because I realise maybe I haven’t achieved all I set out to in 2017.

 I am taking time to reflect and congratulate myself for all I have accomplished in an especially difficult year. This reminds me of a conference I once attended, where a woman speaker was holding court, when the man next to me whispered, “She’s going to dislocate her arm by patting her own back.” A justified comment in this case, as the good results she spoke of were not hers. I find this particularly amusing as I’ve suffered from two frozen shoulders for the best part of this year, so no back patting for me it hurts to try.

As writers we learn if we don’t shout our success from the rooftops then no one else will, it’s all part of the PR and marketing, which we need to manage for ourselves.

I have just under two months to finish this year’s projects and I’m getting back on track. The time out to rehabilitate has not been wasted as I’ve caught up on reading, studying and motivation.

Onward and upward is the cry, because looking back is too sore.

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