Sing A Long A Story


I’m taking a musical trip down memory lane, initiated by a request to borrow my old karaoke machine for a retro night.

Once I found the machine and dusted it off, what a delight to discover the CDs were safely stored with it.

 You know the kind where the screen shows a copy -cat video of musical hits whilst the words flash along the bottom of the screen. The playing of which initiates caterwauling from a variety of people at various stages of sobriety.

At this point I must declare an interest, because I am usually the person “singing” along, not only to the song chosen for me but usually all the others too.

This leads me back to memory lane. There have been various studies showing the benefits of music when dealing with memory loss. You can try this yourself chose a song you loved as a child or teenager and I’m sure you will be word perfect.

 It’s not just about remembering the words though, it’s the memories the music evokes. Some happy some maybe less so, whatever the emotion, we are taken back to a place and time, and reminded of people and places we once knew.

I believe, but don’t quote me, there are strict rules regarding restricting the use of song lyrics in pieces of writing. That doesn’t prevent you using the essence of your memory as a story starter.

I still enjoy singing along when I’m listening to music, and I also like to have music playing in the background as I write.

My hope now is that if I hang around I might get an invite to the retro night, shame to put all that practice to waste.

2 thoughts on “Sing A Long A Story

  1. You deserve to be invited to that retro night! I really hope you do!
    Just this morning, I opened the piano and started playing Michelle. I was delighted to see I could still play, and felt wonderful ( and yes, I sang along too, with broken French too!) Hip hip hurrah for music!

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