Waiting For…

Waiting For…



How much of your time do you spend waiting? It occurred to me the other day I spend an awful lot of time waiting for one thing or another.

Waiting for a response to a submission seems interminable. Some writers manage this by a copious output of work that ensures a reasonable number of regular responses. I am in awe of them.

Me, I watch for the postman, I do have a postman, he nervously approaches the door terrified it will be thrown open in a Hyacinth Bucket manner. I also frequently check my emails, and have my mobile within reach at all times.

 It’s an accepted part of writing and subbing.

Staying in to wait for deliveries should offer up a chance to do something more productive. For me though, I find the time drags because I am listening for the arrival of the van or the knock on the door. I try to gauge if I can make a quick run to the loo or will that be the exact moment the bell rings.

I’m not impatient, and do enjoy some of my waiting time. Waiting for the bus is enjoyable when I can pass the time chatting to others at the bus stop. When driving, traffic hold ups offer the opportunity to think of story lines or fix a problem character.

 I’ve had my fair share of waiting for GP or hospital appointments, and attending those appointments. Attending these with a hard of hearing ninety- five year- old somewhat pushes the boundaries of waiting patience.

Recently, I waited for the arrival of an ambulance. I won’t go into all the details other than it involved administering CPR. The emergency operator was marvellous keeping myself and two others calm, and counted with us advising us when to change over until such time as the paramedics could take over.

Waiting we all do it. Whether it is awaiting the birth of a child or the bride to appear at a wedding. Good or bad we mark time waiting.

 I was interested to watch the time out clock on the curling during the Winter Olympics. I’ve decided I want one.

 I want one that stops time, whilst I am awaiting something that is out with my control. Now that would be something worth waiting for.







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