Doing It My Way

For the more observant amongst you, yes I have changed the name on my blog. I have decided to use my own name going into the future. Georgie Faye will always be special to me as she was the first name I wrote and submitted under, she gave me the confidence to take my first baby steps into writing/ twitter/ commenting on others blogs or tweets, but it’s time to let her go now and be me: Elizabeth McGinty.

I’ve also realised recently I’m the only one of me. Well that’s obvious I hear you say, bear with me, by that I mean in day to day life we have so many personas, some of which are clear, daughter, mother, sister, colleague… you get the drift, we wear different hats depending on who we are being at a specific time. I suspect most of us fall into the category of changing our behaviours to fit the “hat” we are wearing. So the penny dropped why was I complicating life by not being me? The answer lay in why I used a pen name in the first instance, and I know this is not always the case for others. Fear. Pure and simple, the fear of failure of making myself look a fool in front of others, of getting above myself.  No more of that nonsense, from now on I shall succeed or fail as a writer as me.

 Life is for living, that’s so easy to say, and not always easy to do. It’s taken me many years to get to this stage, and I learned the lesson from someone very dear to me who packed a whole lifetime into a few years and lived as the best person he could be, because he was the only one of him.

Doing it my way means I shall no longer be held back for fear of being judged. A fear that exists only in my own head as I have never come across anything as horrible in the writerly world, quite the opposite I have been met only with friendliness and encouragement.  

So the keyboard has been sharpened and the charity shop has been ransacked for second hand books to update my reading for the winter months. I shall give feedback on my reads in future blogs.

To my blog/twitter friends I would like to say, hello I’m Elizabeth, and I am a writer.