Thanks for dropping by. I hope you will linger, and be amused or maybe even informed by the ramblings on these pages.

These ramblings, are from a deep seated need to write the millions of thoughts that flutter through my brain on any given day.

Some, may find their way into the short stories or novels I am always working on. Others may be written to provide inspiration or support to myself or others.

I am not perfect, far from it, so expect the occasional mistake. This is not an excuse or a negative, just a confession, I am only human.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and that it makes you, smile, cry or even take out a big red pen if necessary, but most of all I hope it encourages you to write.


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Elizabeth McGinty is a short story writer. She has been published by The People’s Friend, and has self- published a novella The Secret of the Vineyard, under the pen name Georgie Faye. Her twitter account is Georgie Faye @Pen_Paper_Write.